Loving all things beautiful!

Vivienne O’Neill Designs is a fashionable Home Furnishing, Children's, and Accessory Design Company.
We design and make unique handmade fashion accessories, home furnishings and other traditional designs using selected materials handpicked from all over the world. We use an assortment of fabrics; from vintage, contemporary, to traditional. Vintage buttons and ribbons.
Vivienne O’Neill Designs is an example that handmade crafts can be cool. Inspired by bright colors, pretty prints from far off places, quirky charms, recycled fabrics and trimmings, Vivienne O’Neill Designs has a look that’s very much her own.
We live in a time where things are mass produced on a vast scale and not always justly, so I think it’s really important to keep handcrafting alive! Every item I make is unique

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